PictureHello everyone! Welcome to the website. I made this site as I needed a dedicated webpage Bio for my businesses.

As many of you know my name is Joshua Cornwell. I’m an 21 year old entrepreneur, investor, affiliate marketer, and blogger. I specialize in online business and creating passive income.

As of right now I make majority of my income from niche websites. These sites are basically just resources around given topics. I write about these topics and advertise through affiliate programs.

I mainly use affiliate programs such as Amazon. So whenever someone goes through my links and purchases something from these websites, I get a commission.

My second highest avenue of creating online income is by helping clients build their own website. Many people want to build their own website, but don’t have the knowledge to do so. This is where I come in and help them create what they need. I currently have cheap rates of $150 per website.

My ultimate goal is to create multible online businesses that are passive in nature. I want to grow them big enough so that they can pay for the lifestyle that I want. I also want them to be so passive that I have all the time freedom that I need.

That’s basically what I do in a short summary. Thanks for visiting the site and reading my unconventional Bio.



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